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Who We Are

Get to know more about us We are internationally known, Locally making impacts one client at a time

We have been in the business of providing tailored solutions

Influence Technologies Services Limited was incorporated in 2013, and used to be called Primix Technologies. From its inception, the company has been obsessed with providing cutting-edge solutions tailored to the needs of its clients.  As a company, it has also been driven by the need to innovate, design, fabricate, assemble, test and integrate a managed process to provide superior technical solutions for a wide range of customers. 

Every detail that can be managed is managed; every variable that can be eliminated is eliminated. There are no details too small to be an oversight as oversights cause problems on projects. Managing the process of developing a solution ensures a planned, budgeted, and predicted result. Every time – from start to service. By eliminating as many variables as we can on projects we raise the probability of your solution's success. Influence Technologies has developed systems, policies, and procedures to ensure the planned deliverable is what is received. We do cyber Security Audits, Web Applications development, Mobile Apps, Awareness Training, and Consulting. We work to explore and exploit leading-edge technologies to meet and exceed business needs, from the initial sales contact to launch and beyond.