Enterprise Infrastructure


Business in High Performance.

This is what we transform our customers’ businesses to. With a selection of vital technologies that cover the technology driven business, the Enterprise Infrastructure unit is positioned to deliver best-in-class solutions that serve and align with the middle- and long-term business strategies of our customers, keeping them ahead of competition.

Our customers cut across all sectors and are dogged with challenges to their business – both varied and peculiar to them. Combining consultative approach of our highly experienced consultants together with an OEM-agnostic perspective to proffering solutions, we meet (and many times, exceed) our customers’ expectations – all the time. Our solutions set in Enterprise Infrastructure Unit boasts the cutting edge technologies covering several aspects of the Enterprise Architecture. We are continually improving on the following specialty areas:


  • Storage and Computing
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Converged Infrastructure


  • IP Telephony
  • Telepresence / Video Conference
  • Unified Messaging / Collaboration


  • Service Management
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Applications Management

We target to effectively mitigate the daunting challenges of the enterprise business while also opening them up to new vistas of opportunities, ways and means they can leverage on Information Technology to operate at High Performance. Some of the challenges we identify cutting across most businesses include:


  • Increasing infrastructure value to serve new business demands.
  • Budget constraints with increasing CAPEX and OPEX.
  • Increasing complexities of Information Technology
  • Enabling collaboration – with the network, environment and tools all considered.
  • Increasing energy demands and space limitations
  • Dearth of systems experts.
  • Improperly streamlined business processes.

With enterprise architecture differing according to the nature of customers’ individual businesses, we are able to deliver the appropriate technology solutions for any aspect of their enterprise infrastructure (there is no ideal architecture for all situations). With the combination of solutions delivered for different customers, we repeatedly deliver the full benefits of technology, a few of which are listed below.


  • Increased sales and revenue, while reducing operating costs.
  • Simplified enterprise infrastructures that are easy to manage.
  • Lower infrastructure costs.
  • Faster infrastructures, applications and services provisioning.
  • Better, secure, scalable and extensible infrastructures.
  • Greater control, visibility and impact of IT to the business.
  • Business Continuity, through highly reduced downtimes.
  • Enhanced (internal and external) customer and user experience.
  • Greater innovation and higher productivity for staff and business.
  • Intangible benefits – Objectivity in measuring the business, aided with IT.

Having strategic alliances with leading technology vendors who specialize in various aspects of the enterprise infrastructure, Influence Technologies remains a leader and pioneer for new technologies that keep our customers well ahead of their contemporaries. Hence our very high customer loyalty. Naturally.

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We believe  in  simplified  solutions  that  leave  businesses  to  focus  on  their  core  mandate knowing technology  just works.

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