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Do you have these Questions or More ?"I need to do a migration." / "I want a new Microsoft Server technology implemented." / "I need to know exactly what we do if the building burns down or if we lose all our data." / "I need additional skilled man power for our implementation."

Sound familiar?

Choosing the right information technology for your business can be a strange & confusing sea to navigate. At Influence Technologies, we want you to feel educated before you make your decisions and help you to have a clear plan where you are going now, and into the future.

Today’s IT projects bring about more than just functional challenges.  Issues such as security, scalability, redundancy, information architecture and speed of performance are just a few areas of consideration when approaching your IT strategy.

Our experienced team at Influence Technologies can handle the engineering of solutions large and small, from needs assessment to implementation, and beyond. Just a few of the areas we have served other businesses:

  • Network Engineering
  • Design
  • Migrations
  • Upgrades
  • Hardware/Software Recommendations
  • Disaster Planning & Recovery
  • Hardware and Software Life Cycle Planning

Microsoft Standard & SBS Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint Installations/Configurations/Migrations. Call Influence Technologies today for help on your next IT Project or to develop a Life Cycle Plan.


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We believe  in  simplified  solutions  that  leave  businesses  to  focus  on  their  core  mandate knowing technology  just works.

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